Dave Grohl Working On Huge Secret Release, Is It Foo Fighters Album?


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is currently filming a movie about his life. His mother first hinted at the project in an interview a couple of months ago, but Grohl now is filming it, so it looks like this could be the next release from the rock and roll legend.

A fan named Tim Thomas tweeted, “Went outside to investigate a film crew on campus only to discover that it was Dave Grohl from ⁦@foofighters⁩ who went to AHS and whose mother was an English teacher at AHS. What a treat! Go Atoms!!”

Another fan named Mike Murphy discussed seeing Grohl on a plane.

“Just got on plane to LAX. Guy with a gentle zen vibe quietly sits in seat next to me. Seems very nice. I’m happy, clearly not a chatterbox with braying opinions about politics or cable tv shows. Will be nice, quiet flight. I take a second look. HOLY CRAP! It’s Dave Grohl!”

“And no, I’m gonna say anything. Just gonna leave him in peace. It’ll be our secret Twitter followers. (not a Rand Paul situation…)”

“Nah. Tempted but I’m a privacy respecter. No will I tweet anything else re: it. But I did decide to show Dave my wild rock and roll proclivities by ordering a Diet Coke on tarmac, BEFORE we got up in the air! #LivingOnTheEdge #KeithMoonHadNothingOnMe”

“Sorry pal, what happens in row three stays in row three. But he is a terrifically nice guy and we had a fun chat.”