Greta Van Fleet Member Falls Down In Painful Photo


A rare Greta Van Fleet Christmas family photo has surfaced of the band, with Josh Kiszka appearing to have fallen down tired after too much milk and cookies, and it shows off the band’s great sense of humor. Greta Van Fleet have been criticized by a group of critics for sounding too similar to Led Zeppelin, with a former manager recently defending the band by saying Josh Kiszka would be more than capable of fronting a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Bill Why Man defended the band, saying on, “This band seems like they may be one of the few who will transcend the whiny, humorless critics who are too enamored with being the tastemakers to admit they like this. Witless published criticism of this band will likely seem as irrelevant and out-of-touch as Rolling Stone’s initial slagging of Led Zeppelin.

This band seems as if it will survive the complaining geezers who cry plagiarism while clutching their Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Dylan, et al. I love these legends, but you have tunnel-hearing not to realize what these artists blatantly and unashamedly nicked from others in and during their rises to the top.

This band should be the answer to many music fans’ complaints that new artists don’t sound like ‘that anymore.’ Get over it, blokes. You can’t complain about how new artists don’t sound as good as the old ones while dissing bands for sounding derivative.

After 20 years of Radiohead’s dour demeanor becoming the de rigeur for rockers, it’s so refreshing to listen to a bunch of kids who joyously convey their appreciation of music to their fans rather than the ten-billionth moody DIY iPad music artist operating under a collective noun. There are reasons why hip-hop rules. It’s because it’s FUN. It’s SEXY. It’s got SWAGGER. So does Greta Van Fleet.

So many rock critics and their fans missed the Zeppelin boat a half-century ago. I shake my head at the smug, dismissive individuals of today plagiarizing this wrongheadedness.” Aerosmith revealed the bold truth about Greta Van Fleet earlier this week.