Dave Grohl & Rage Against The Machine Tour Rumor Leaks


Guns N’ Roses’ made their return in an amusing fashion. After getting injured at a comeback gig in LA, the band’s frontman Axl Rose borrowed Dave Grohl’s now-famous throne for his seated onstage theatrics. Rose got back on his feet and it seems he returned the throne to its rightful owner, though perhaps not all in one piece.

Fans want Dave Grohl to send the throne to Rage Against The Machine singer

Now, fans on Reddit are hoping to see Dave Grohl send his rock throne to Zack de la Rocha after he hurt his ankle, but it was mostly broken by Axl Rose in 2016.

An interview with GNR production manager Dale “Opie” Skjerset by Boston radio station WAAF 97.7 revealed that the chair was returned to Grohl. And while Skjerset didn’t go into tons of detail, some of what he said is a bit disconcerting.

“We gave the chair back, yes, they got the chair back,” Skjerset said. “In parts, but they got it.” Rose later sent a guitar to Grohl to acknowledge the gesture. We’ll have to see if the throne is in good enough shape to help Zack on the RATM tour.

Speaking about Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha, he saw a similar fate to that of Axl Rose. He injured his leg during the second concert of the band’s reunion tour Monday night, July 11 in Chicago, Illinois as per the reports. As a result of the injury, De La Rocha performed multiple songs while seated on a monitor, and was carried out at the end of the show after being unable to walk.

The unfortunate incident apparently transpired four songs into Rage Against The Machine’s set at the United Center, while Zack and his bandmates were performing “Bullet In The Head”, a classic song from the group’s 1992 self-titled debut album. De La Rocha then reportedly attempted to stand at various points during the remainder of the set but was unable to put any weight on the injured leg. The singer ended up being carried off the stage at the end of the concert.