Rage Against The Machine Singer Collapses At Concert


Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha injured his leg during the second concert of the band’s reunion tour Monday night, July 11 in Chicago, Illinois as per the reports. As a result of the injury, De La Rocha performed multiple songs while seated on a monitor, and was carried out at the end of the show after being unable to walk.

Zack De La Rocha performed with the injury

The unfortunate incident apparently transpired four songs into Rage Against The Machine’s set at the United Center, while Zack and his bandmates were performing “Bullet In The Head”, a classic song from the group’s 1992 self-titled debut album.

A short time later, De La Rocha told the crowd: “I don’t know what happened to my leg right now, but you know what? We’re gonna keep this fu**in’ shit goin’. If I have to crawl across this stage. We’re gonna play for y’all tonight. We came too fu**in’ far.”

De La Rocha then reportedly attempted to stand at various points during the remainder of the set but was unable to put any weight on the injured leg. The singer ended up being carried off the stage at the end of the concert.

Rage Against The Machine recently received backlash from a UFC star. The band kicked off its long-delayed “Public Service Announcement” tour Saturday night (July 9) in front of roughly 30,000 fans at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin.

During the show, Rage Against The Machine condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and end the federal constitutional right to an abortion. De La Rocha repeatedly screamed “freedom” while a video screen flashed with statements about gun violence, black maternal mortality and abortion access. “Forced birth in a country that is the only wealthy country in the world without any guaranteed paid parental leave at the national level,” read the screen for several seconds.