Paul McCartney Calls Out Ringo Starr ‘Disrespect’ In The Beatles


The prestigious co-founder of the Beatles, Paul McCartney recently gave an interview to Penguin Books and the Penguin Books’ podcast, The Penguin Podcast about McCartney’s latest children book “Hey Grandude”. Paul McCartney ‘turned down’ by famous woman.

Here, McCartney discusses the creative process that went into the Beatles and how the ‘Fab Four’ had their own little system when it came to writing some of your favorite tracks. Each member of the group had to agree when it came to a song or a decision, meaning if a particular band member like Ringo Starr didn’t like the song or decision, that song was not going to be made. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s comments. Paul McCartney calls out ‘spoiled’ family in video.

Paul McCartney: I do like the creative team and they are oftentimes smarter than me. I know it’s hard to believe.

Interviewer: It’s not true.

McCartney: Sure it is! I enjoy the learning experience of sitting around with people who know what they are doing.

Interviewer: Being in a band presumably would of aided that? Because it’s not a dictatorship.

McCartney: Yeah, that’s probably the most difficult time because in a band you don’t always see eye to eye. And you get a little friction, a little bit of arguments and stuff but again, it’s what happens in bands and in the end, it’s actually very good for the creative process. It means no rubbish gets through. I mean, with the Beatles we had a rule that was around always from the beginning – everybody has to agree. On a song or a decision. It has to be four votes out of the four. So if we had written a song and Ringo didn’t like it, it didn’t get done. Having said that, that didn’t happen often but that was the rule and I think it made things stronger.

Paul McCartney horrible beard photo revealed by wife. In other news revolving Paul McCartney fans recently took to social media to review the aforementioned ‘Hey Grandude’. One fan put: “Being an avid Paul McCartney fan, I knew I needed to purchase this book. Also knowing that few celebrities have multiple talents, I realized this book could potentially be a dud. That was not the case! Grandude is a fun book with an engaging storyline for my five-year-old daughter. She loves remembering the Chillers’ names and pointing to each one as we turn the page. There is also a mantra repeated each time the gang changes locations, which Daughter loves to recite. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and eye-catching for both kids and adults. Love reading this with my kindergartner!”