Dave Grohl Reveals Why Rock Won’t Die, Praises Disgusting Rapper


While Gene Simmons declared rock dead in 2014, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently filmed a PSA for Virgin Radio, and proclaimed the genre will never die.

“There’s always going to be rock and roll bands, there’s always going to be rock and roll music. There’s always going to be kids playing rock and roll. You shouldn’t look at your poster on your wall and think, I can’t do that. You should look at your poster and think, I’m going to do that.”

While Grohl is an ambassador for rock and roll, below the PSA you can read about his rap fandom!

In a new video interview at the BRIT Awards, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed Lil Pump to be one of the musicians he can’t get enough of, and he’s even rapped a few of his songs.

Asked what he’s listening to at the moment by Jimmy Hill from Radio X’s sister station Capital FM, the Foos frontman replied: “Lil Pump. That’s all I gotta say. Lil Pump.”

“I’m not kidding man. I got sucked into Lil Pump’s world and I’m stuck. I can’t get out!”

“I’ve got Gucci Gang, I’ve got D-Rose. D-Rose is kind of my jam.”

He added: “Why can’t we write fucking songs like that?”

Grohl even rapped part of Lil Pump songs. Grohl rapped the lyrics, ‘I drive foreign cars, I fuck foreign bitches.’ He also rapped the lyrics, ‘Hundred on my wrist, eighty on my wrist.’

He also discussed seeing Haim at the Brit Awards. “Haim put on the heat, felt a little heat from the Haim. Thought maybe Haim would take it home. We live in the same neighborhood, San Fernando Valley.”

Watch the interview below, featuring Grohl rapping! While we think Lil Pump’s music is terrible, Grohl manages to make it sound fun!