Dave Grohl Reveals What Nirvana Failed To Do


In a new Forbes interview, Dave Grohl revealed how Nirvana failed to properly deal with the magnitude of their success.

“I think that when Nirvana became popular none of us were equipped to deal with that magnitude of success. I don’t think any of us were built for that and it happened and it happened so quickly and then was gone so quickly that when I started the Foo Fighters I wanted to make gut decisions. I wanted to make gut feeling decisions instead of feeling forced to do anything we just did them as we felt right. And that makes for a much more gradual build. We learned a lot of lessons in the short time Nirvana was popular. And you take those into consideration when you do something like start another band.”

Grohl also discussed the Cal Jam festival in a new Uproxx interview.

“I don’t know how people run festivals,” Grohl admits. “I’ve been to a lot of them, and some of them I f*cking love because of the environment or the aesthetic or the lineup… I want people to walk under that rainbow at the entrance and have the f*cking time of their lives, so they go home with their heads ringing and hungover. I want to have people walk away wanting us to do it again next year. And, hopefully, we will.”