Dave Grohl Reveals Who Nirvana Secretly Hired


Dave Grohl is one of the most legendary names in rock music and especially of the last thirty years. During the recent release of his new memoir entitled: “Dave Grohl: The Storyteller” the Foo Fighters frontman recalled how he auditioned for Nirvana via phone and how Krist Novoselic told him originally that the spot went to Dan Peters of Mudhoney. Credit to IrishExaminer for the below quotes. Dave Grohl was lied to about Kurt Cobain’s death.

“Nirvana needed a new drummer and Grohl, catching wind of the news, called the group’s bassist Krist Novoselic. Novoselic told him the gig had gone to Dan Peters from Nirvana’s Seattle contemporaries Mudhoney [who played on the single Sliver].”

The outlet continued: “But then Novoselic called back – he and Kurt Cobain felt guilty about prising Peters away from their friends. He recommended Grohl called Cobain. The chat went well, and a few weeks later, Grohl moved to Seattle.”

In other news regarding Grohl during the same memoir, Grohl touched on how Led Zeppelin great John Bonham was one of his biggest inspirations as it was also said: “Grohl’s pounding opening on Smells Like Teen Spirit is among the most iconic displays of drumming in modern rock history. And it was on Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham that he modelled his signature ferocious style.”