Is Rage Against The Machine Recording New Album?


Acclaimed Rage Against The Machine member and social activist Tom Morello will be heading back on tour with the band for the group’s ‘Public Service Annoucement’ tour which will also feature Run The Jewels. Naturally, with this tour that was supposed to happen in 2016, fans are speculating if this will mean new music from the poltiically active group. Earlier this year Tom Morello gave details regarding Rage Against The Machine’s breakup.

However in a new feature with NME, Morello denies that we will be seeing new music from Rage Against The Machine, at least in the near future as he proclaim: ” “There are no plans beyond starting rehearsals in January,” Rage Against The Machine’s last reunion was during the 2008 elecion.

Elsewhere during the same feature in NME, Morello discussed his unlikely friendship with Conserative rock star and activist – Ted Nugent. Morello would state: “I reserve the right to be friends with anybody,” Morello points out today. “I reserve the right to confront opinions I disagree with, with open heartedness and love, or by throwing a brick. That’s up to me. In the case of Ted, I know he’s become this right-wing caricature but there have been several times where I have reached him on issues that you might be surprised about. But he is still crazy uncle Ted who says all sorts of shit. It can be important to keep an open dialogue with people you disagree with, especially in this global community of disagreements. Sometimes it’s just as important to block them, though.”