Dave Grohl Stunned By Pearl Jam ‘Hiring’ New Singer


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was recently interviewed on The Bill Simmons Podcast, and Simmons told him that Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder nearly split in the 90’s when Eddie took control of the band, which was seen as unfair since he was essentially ‘hired’ as the new guy as Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament built a new band after Andy Wood’s death ended Mother Love Bone. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl and Simmons’ comments. Bill Murray disrespected Eddie Vedder in a leaked photo.

Dave Grohl: On the last trip we did these festivals in Germany over the summer. There were two stages, big stage over here, a big stage over there. When that band would end, this band would start, ping ponging back and forth. The Cure were the band on the other stage.

Bill Simmons: They’re at the 40 year mark at this point as a band. They had a 40-year anniversary concert in 2018.

Dave: Really? Can you imagine? So they’re over there playing their f***ing arsenal of hits that everyone has grown up listening to and loving. To me that’s one of the things I love the most, to see these people survive. To see a band like Pearl Jam. Oh my god, they survived! So many people didn’t, and to see them still out there kicking ass.

Bill: They hit that point.

Dave: Which point? The breakup point. Everybody does, it’s like puberty.

Bill: In the mid-90’s, Eddie had to take the band, and once they all realized that, they were fine.

Dave: Really? Wow.

Bill: They brought him in, they hired him. A surprising Eddie Vedder Disneyland photo was just revealed.