Eddie Vedder Surprising Disneyland Photo Revealed

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and his family were spotted at Disneyland recently, with Eddie wearing some Mickey Mouse ears. Embarrassing to some, but it looks bad ass on him! Eddie Vedder recently discussed Pearl Jam hiring a big name for their new album.

Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club board recently discussed Gigaton producer Josh Evans. OGD posted, “I knew little or nothing about him prior to today. Naturally I started digging to see what I could find out. I am a die hard PJ fan but there are some things that don’t always stick or resonate with me or perhaps I just don’t care as much about those details and just love listening to their music and enjoying their live shows. Anyhow I discovered as many of you might already know that he was the engineer on Can’t Deny Me.

I have to admit prior to knowing that Josh Evans was the engineer on that track – Can’t Deny Me is a song that has REALLY grown on me since I initially heard it and I’ve found myself with it on blast on my headphones a lot lately.

Just saying! To say I’m VERY EXCITED for this new album produced by Josh Evans and tour would be a huge understatement!!! Some people think I’m crazy with the high I’ve been on today lol. They don’t get it. They probably never will. F%$K em lol.”

PrimusSucks responded, “Apparently he was Soundgarden’s guitar tech. Was the monitor engineer on the 2016 Temple of the Dog tour. Has been Boom’s keyboard tech since 2008. So yes he is someone extremely familiar to the band.” Eddie Vedder’s offer to sing with The Who was just revealed.