Dave Mustaine ‘Disrespected’ At Club With Metallica Singer


Damning Dave Mustaine news! One time Metallica member Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to reveal how iconic Hollywood club, The Troubadour wouldn’t allow Metallica to advertise the band’s logo banner in the club back in 1982. The former Metallica bassist tweeted: “The Troubadour wouldn’t allow Metallica to display the band’s logo banner behind the drum kit in 1982. We just stepped all over the banner when it was on the front of the drum riser.” Dave Mustaine ‘rejects’ final Metallica performance.

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to the Metallica Facebook page to wish a happy birthday and to also pay tribute to another Metallica icon in Cliff Burton to tragically passed away in 1986.

Metallica icon reveals Dave Mustaine ‘sickness’ photo. Gabor wrote: ” I picked up the bass guitar because of Cliff. I also got “his” book called to live is to die from my sister for Christmas. And last year I bought an Aria bass guitar. When we finished high school we translated one of his famous quotes ” to our High school graduation photo table: “You don’t burn out from going too fast You burn out from going too slow and getting bored.” translated to our language: Hungarian. Rest in Peace Cliff.”

While Dario said: “Always imaging how Great Metallica would be ( even they are already the most famous metal band of all time now) if Cliff was here, The one and only guy who was playing a bass as Lead Guitarist, the one and only one using Wah and others guitar effects on metal music, the Guy that have master Classical music and fusion it in metal.” Roberto also put: “Gone but never forgotten. The Lord and Master of bass. The world is forever grateful for your contribution and passion you gave to music and metal. You were 80% of what Metallica was. A real leader. Happy birthday Mr. Cliff. Thank you for the inspiration.” This Metallica icon called out this ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance last month.