Rush Singer ‘Painful’ Neil Peart Memorial Photo Leaks


Rush drummer Neil Peart exploitation news! In another example of the old phrase, ‘you shouldn’t believe everything you see’ the co-founder & fact-checker at Maarten Schenk recently took to social media via Twitter to lead a vital effort to discredit disinformation regarding the death of Rush drummer Neil Peart. Ringo Starr eerie ‘last’ Neil Peart photo revealed.

In this case, she mentions how Rush frontman Geddy Lee did not approve of a tribute shirt for the acclaimed drummer as Schenk tweeted: “New post on lead stories: fake news: Rush’s Geddy Lee did not endorse Neil Peart tribute shirt. You can view the tweet and the exploitive shirt below.

Fans of the late Neil Peart took to the prominent Rush message board, TheRushForum to eulogize Peart and reflect on how much he meant to them. One user, Chemistry1973 wrote: “The disbelief has worn off a bit, and I’ve been able to wrap my brain around all this. And so many poignant words have already been typed, with so many fans expressing the thoughts and emotions that I share.” John Bonham ‘disrespected’ Neil Peart before Rush death.

Rush employee reveals if Neil Peart ‘gave up’ before death. The user continued: “I think the deal with so many die-hard fans is that the connection to the band is somewhat intimate for us. Rush was a discovery that was OURS. In the heyday, when Rush were still a cult band, it meant instant friendship if you discovered someone else at your school was a Rush fan. And there was palpable excitement when you’d hear them on the radio, or catch a video on MTV. By 1990, seeing Rush on MTV was RARE, but it happened! Sewn into the Rush fabric of fandom is the interconnectedness that the entire Rush community has with each other. There are thousands, maybe millions of us, and we have an immediate understanding of the core sensibilities of each and every one of us.”