David Gilmour ‘Attacking’ Roger Waters Revealed By Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason, in speaking with eonmusic discussed a wide variety of topics in an Eon Music interview. Here, the Pink Floyd drummer discussed the internal struggles between Rogers Waters and David Gilmour. In addition, Mason also revealed if performing at Live 8 was the right way to end things for Pink Floyd given the fact that fellow Pink Floyd icon, Richard Wright has now passed. David Gilmour ‘refuses’ stunning money for Pink Floyd tour.

Mason told the outlet: “Yeah, I always said that I think in some ways it was one of the best gigs we ever did, just because everyone knew about the fact that there was a sort of war going on [between Roger Waters and David Gilmour], and yet everyone was able to go; “do you know what, this is more important than differences of opinion, the band, or music, or whatever”. And I think it was a sort of lovely example of being grown up.” Roger Waters ‘backing out’ of Pink Floyd reunion leaks.

In other news revolving Pink Floyd, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of Pink Floyd’s most iconic albums – Dark Side of the Moon. One fan noted: “All of us have had this album more than once. I’m in the process of replacing my vinyl collection and opted to replace my Pink Floyd records with the 2016 remasters. For one, they are packaged like they were when they originally came out and two, to get a fresher perspective with the remastering. I’m so glad I did. Like the original, it came with the original notes, posters, and stickers along with an extra wax sleeve to protect your vinyl while leaving the other intact for collectibility. The sound didn’t disappoint either, incredible, rich sound that to me, is perfectly balanced. I previously received the LP, “Wish You Were Here,” and it too gave me the same satisfaction. Whether you’re a new or old fan, I promise these remasters are worth it and at a great price.” Pink Floyd member reveals 2020 tour lineup photo.

You can read the full interview at EonMusic.