Van Halen Member Viciously Mocks Bon Jovi


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently took a funny shot at Bon Jovi when a fan accused him of ripping off their look in a shirtless photo post. A Van Halen member revealed an Axl Rose screwup yesterday.

Michael Anthony commented, “Maybe a case! Damn, that’s me!!!😬” gregory1900 said, “Hi hi Sammy….u looks like Bon Jovi😉😉😂” Hagar shot back, “@gregory1900 I was first😂” rjd2020 asked, “Do you still have those abs? 😃 Hagar responded, “@rjd2020 😂Just one of them.”

mikelkaufman commented, “Sammy, I’d say you rival anyone with your solo career and bands you’ve been with, definitely one of the all time greats but not sure the larger public really gets the incredible depth and breadth of your career… thanks for all the stellar entertainment.” Hagar responded, “Thank you.”

A Tool member revealed an embarrassing Eddie Van Halen secret last week. David Lee Roth recently discussed people having to work 9 to 5 jobs on The Roth Show.

“Most of our world hates their jobs. Most of our friends and family and colleagues and contemporaries work 9:00 to 5:00, or 11:00 to 7:00. Maybe you get a card game on a Friday night. Rest of the time, we fools ourselves and think ‘yeah but I go to the gym and train’, yeah like a federal prisoner for an our.

Think of how I live, okay? I’m transported in a bus, under security to a building, where I’m taken under the building into a cement room where I wait. Then I go upstairs and I am judged harshly by a roomful of people.

Then I’m taken back downstairs, I wait in the room, and I reverse the entire process, where I’m kept in a hotel, under security, and move to the next city where the same thing happens. Some people would say ‘man that guy is a rock star,’ other people would say ‘federal witness protection program.’” MetalheadZone transcribed Roth’s comments.