Bono Bodyguard Rejects U2 Fan Offer At Bar


U2 superfan and technology mogul Dr. Angad Singh Chowdhry gave his account on how he recently saw Bono at a local Raffles hotel and resort. However, he was too shy to approach to the globally acclaimed entertainer, instead opting to talk to Bono’s personal bodyguard. U2 singer Bono was recently threatened by police at party.

I saw U2’s Bono at Raffle’s hotels “writers bar”.  He sat on [the] table next to me, for an hour. I spoke to his bodyguard. [I] was not confident enough to approach him. He left, eventually — I will never forget not approaching him and thanking him for the music.

The good Doctor then continued on Twitter elaborating about his experience with Bono’s personal bodyguard. Bono threw down this instrument at sad U2 concert.

[I] just found out more details about his bodyguard. His name is Brian Murphy. He was sitting next to a wall of whiskey bottles, and I asked him for his recommendation. He said “I don’t drink”, and I must have looked surprised cause he said “… just because I’m Irish?

The U2 superfan then had some surprising remarks come in about his experience via his Twitter account. Neelam Mansingh stated: “He would have been happy for the company. Celebrities are usually lonely creatures. I recall Lionel Richie looking lost at a Delhi wedding. I could see his gratitude when papa went up to him and started a conversation. Throughout the wedding, he stuck to pa. U2 recently revealed why Bono ‘blew it’ with Freddie Mercury.