David Gilmour ‘Freak Out’ When Roger Waters Quit Pink Floyd Leaks


During the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast, one Pink Floyd photographer discussed the process of selecting the vinyl packaging for their box set: “The Later Years: Pink Floyd 1987 to 2019”.  Pink Floyd recently reveal David Gilmour demand before death.

In addition, the photographer reveals how stressful of a time period for the band when Roger Waters left and how the photograph helped reflect those feelings. The unnamed photographer stated: “Nevertheless, it’s a joy to me to have vinyl come back in the way that it has done with Pink Floyd on this ‘Later Years’ project. There is a spinoff from the box set which is called: “The Later Years: Pink Floyd 1987 to 2019″ which is a black and white photograph that I took in 1975 in Iceland. When you look at it, it’s two guys reading a map. When we had to create the vinyl package for this, I went to see David [Gilmour] and Nick [Mason] and I showed this photograph. What’s appropriate about this is that in 1987 when Roger Waters had split from the band and they went on to make ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’ it was just David and Nick left. How worrying was that? That they had to continue on with Pink Floyd and come up with the goods.” This Pink Floyd icon ‘threatens’ bandmate after a mistake at show.

David Gilmour recently revealed if Roger Waters ‘faked’ this performance.  Continuing he said: “I mean it was an anxious time and this symbol of two guys looking at a blank map in a kind of barren landscape, full of steam, somehow conjured up the feelings of the time. When I showed it to David and Nick they went: “Yeah, great, love it, let’s do it.” I’m really pleased because I’d taken the photo with the intention of originally showing it for an idea. Either for ‘Wish You Were Here’ or ‘Animals’. So, I never felt it was appropriate actually so we never did. So it laid in a box until about six months ago when I pulled them out of an archive and I thought: “you know what, I always loved this picture and I think it’s the right thing to do.”