David Gilmour Wife ‘Begs’ For Roger Waters Reunion


David Gilmour‘s wife, the incomparable Polly Samson took to social media via Twitter to respond to an article recently put out by the Guardian posing the question: “Why is the world so obsessed with the new pictures of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?David Gilmour’s family reveals this ‘tragic letter’ to fans.

Samson theorized: “Because we always want mummy and daddy to get back together?” To which a fan, Sarah Lee responded back: “Do we?” To which Gilmour’s spouse replied: “[laugh emoji] (was thinking also Gilmour Waters etc)

In other news revolving David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans recently took to the group’s subreddit to discuss and debate what they believe to be David Gilmour’s best guitar solo of all time? Roger Waters ‘angers’ David Gilmour in backstage photo.

Cinimodder put: “I know this is gonna sound overrated, to be honest, but seriously that second Comfortably numb solo, it’s just too good.” Fellow Reddit user blacksyteRoger Waters agreed to say: “I’d have to agree, specifically the version on the Pulse Live album. I’d consider that his ultimate solo, as it exemplifies every element of his range and skill as a guitar player.”

GuruMeditationError stated: “Not literally the best, but his solo from A Great Day for Freedom in Live in Gdańsk is very powerful. The song is about the fall of Communism in Europe and he was playing in honor of the Solidarity freedom movement in Poland that helped cause it, so it greatly amplifies the power of such a powerful solo.”

David Gilmour’s wife calls out this sad Pink Floyd paycheck. Whereas lefthandedkiwi mused: “My personal favorites are the one on Hey You and the second solo on On the Turning Away. The sheer emotion on Hey You and the one On the Turning Away simply sounds magical to me.”