Deftones Real Reason For Replacing Guitarist Leaks?


Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter recently announced that he won’t be joining the band on the upcoming UK and European Summer tour, as per the reports of Kerrang!.

Stephen Carpenter talks about his replacement

The musician shared the news on a video where he also introduced his replacement Lance Jackman, known for his work in Sacramento bands Eightfourseven and Horseneck, and who already filled in as second guitarist for Deftones this Spring.

Carpenter’s announcement reads as follows:

“As much as I would love to be on the road with my brothers, playing for all of our incredible international fans, I have decided to remain playing domestically for now. With everything going on in the world, I’m just not ready to leave home and leave the country yet.”

“I wish I can see each and every one of you, but for now, our good friend from Sacramento, Lance, will be fulfilling my duties. Although I’m watching from afar, I’ll be there in spirit with my Deftones family.”

Fans on Deftones’ Reddit have speculated that this may have to do with the pandemic and Carpenter’s status when it comes to protection from the virus, though this hasn’t been verified.

Deftones are set to kickstart their European trek on June 4 with a performance at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. In other news, the former Deftones bassist Sergio Vega recently opened up about his departure from the band. Vega detailed the contractual issues that created a rift between himself and the members of the Sacramento-based act. Deftones management allegedly complained about losing money making large bank payments for Sergio and storage space.

In a recent interview with “The Jasta Show”, Vega elaborated further on his role in the Deftones and how internal disagreements about his hired-gun position in the group to them parting ways.

“On a creative level, they were always super open and super cool. And really, when we talk about the other end, the financial end, which is something that I get, you’re Chino [Moreno, Deftones singer] and you have dependents, you have a lot of family, and [if] things go [to] a five-way split [from] a four-way split, it changes things and that’s something that impacts your life. So the financial shift and the financial swing becomes something that’s hard to reckon with.

He added: “But for me, even in my position and my asks or negotiations were never speaking to that. Not that it was even possible. Being on half of the band’s catalog, you’re not ever going to see money from things you’re not a part of. But it was never even about money. Because even the publishing was there; that’s fine. It’s purely about belonging; it’s purely about just wanting to [feel] like you’re in it.”