AC/DC Singer Reveals ‘Brand New’ Angus Young Photo


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans is advertising a ‘brand new’ shirt featuring himself with ‘Back in Black’ members Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams. An AC/DC member is ‘backing out’ of the rumored 2020 tour.

Evans said, “Long time fan, Bill Muratovsky from Australia wearing his brand new AC/DC shirt. (front and back views) Available on line worldwide from Lover Music at”

DHouston_94 posted recently on about Angus Young’s stage presence, “Hi Gents, I was reading the ‘This place is dying’ thread and thought I’d ask a question I’ve wondered for awhile (seems like a good time to do it when there isn’t much going on).

One of the craziest things about Angus is that he can move around the stage like he does whilst playing near perfectly. But do you think there are any songs that he doesn’t seem to have his usual stage presence to because of the playing difficulty?”

900 responded, “I think to be fair there is a trade-off, though in his younger days his accuracy while running about was absolutely amazing. It’s still very impressive, but his playing isn’t nearly as tight generally so I guess it shows up more now on the trickier songs? I can’t think of any specific songs where he moves about less due to song complexity, it’s a good question.

In general, I think people underestimate the energy it takes to play a guitar live and do it well, especially if it weighs something. As Angus said, ‘No wonder Jimmy Page has a slouch!'”

Starsky said, “Well, after Axl joined, they added Riff Raff back into the setlist. Angus moved less than he used to on the ROB tour, but he still nailed the main Riff Raff… uh, riff, whilst duckwalking! He has slowed down significantly compared to the SUL tour, for example, but his ability to play whilst moving (if not running) around and duckwalking every once in a while is still very impressive. And he still did the ‘frantically spinning on the floor’ stunt during LTBR and his soloing didn’t suffer from that either.” An AC/DC icon told Angus Young to retire before the rumored 2020 tour.