Eddie Van Halen Awful ‘Fraud’ Revealed By Bandmate


Eddie Van Halen has had numerous imitators and impersonators on guitar over the last 42 years since he became one of the most iconic guitarists of all time, but now he’s dealing with a social media fraud. His son and bandmate Wolfgang Van Halen called out a fake Eddie Van Halen Instagram account on Monday. Michael Anthony recently revealed if Eddie Van Halen is ugly or handsome.

He wrote, “This fake dipshit has been contacting fans, pretending to be @eddievanhalen. You know what to do. @eddievanhalen_” He then posted a step by step process for fans to report the account to Instagram.

The fake account posted a photo with the caption, “#losangels #fun.” Wolfgang commented, “You misspelled Los Angeles, you dumb f**k.”

On another photo, a user commented, “Hi handsome.” Fake Eddie responded, “I sent you a message.” Wolfgang then said to Fake Eddie, “F**k you.” He added, “Also, hi handsome.”

David Lee Roth announced a 2020 Las Vegas residency yesterday while another Van Halen icon had an alcohol accident, and fans are weighing in on Roth’s Vegas announcement on the VHLinks.com forums.

Swedish Fly wrote, “Some are speculating this is bad news for Van Halen. Other’s say that this is some kind of warm-up for a summer tour. I honestly don’t know what to say…We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’ll remain optimistic!”

Jedi McFly posted, “At this point I’m just glad somebody in VH is doing something. Hopefully this encourages the VH brothers to do something. I don’t care if they kick Dave out, tour with him again, reunite with Sammy, release a box set, or announce retirement. Just do something.”

robakvhfan said, “As long as he sings like he did circa 2007-2008, should be great. Also I noticed the words ‘two guitar attack,’ so sounds like it may be a rock show. I’m worried this is the end of VH.” A Van Halen icon unloaded on a terrible paycheck a couple of days ago.