Howard Stern Calls Out Disgusting Keith Richards Attack


On his show on Monday, Howard Stern said The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards attacks Mick Jagger all the time but he must enjoy going out and playing. He said have some loyalty to the guy. Fred said he saw that Keith got a smokeless ash tray so he won’t annoy Mick anymore. He said maybe he’s coming around.

Howard Stern revealed yesterday the Mick Jagger snubbed Keith Richards’ daughter’s wedding over the weekend, and fans have weighed in on the boards. posted, “‘His fellow Stones Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts were there to celebrate — although Mick Jagger wasn’t in attendance.’ Looks like – apart from working together on stage – that there are no social contacts between the Glimmers. Sad. But so is life. PS: So much to the recent thread ‘Mick & Keith more and more friends again?'”

EJM posted, “But Mick had prior commitment in Venice – not sure he likes weddings anyway!” keefriff99 said, “Look, they’re cordial business partners now, but they’re never going to be best buddies who hang out again. Let’s leave well enough alone…their relationship is probably as good as it’s ever going to be right now.”

Mick Jagger allegedly rejecting paying a massive bill was revealed a few days ago. ukcal said, “what!! no don was, Matt and Steve Jordan was in town…hopefully it was the bride and grooms guests not Mum and dad settling old scores as is normal…all star jam to end the evening?”

Ruediger wrote, “I think that this was not the reason why Mick did not attend.
The real reason was that in this case he would not be in the center of the attention like he was in Venice, but only under ‘… also we could see…’, something he does not like…” Keith Richards wrote an emotional letter to an ailing rock icon a few days ago.