Van Halen Icon Savagely Unloads On Terrible Paycheck


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recently discussed a terrible paycheck from a Chinese boss on a new episode of The Roth Show. Michael Anthony revealed if Eddie Van Halen is ugly yesterday.

“The Chinese boss much to his credit or discredit attempts to rein doctrine 8 and teach Americans ‘This is how the Chinese do it this is how we do-wit-do-wit.’

And you got a role with us and he starts at $15 an hour I can only speak for baby boomers we want $50 and up we want benefits, we want the weeks off, we work for the weekend, we like to have music when we’re at the workbench, on and on and on…”

A Van Halen icon was allegedly ‘stabbed in the back’ by a bandmate. Roth added, “As we should have it, cuz because that’s what we were used to but maybe then Waze is different now, says the Chinese. And the Chinese work away like they were just regimented soldiers they approach each other as soldiers, they address each other as soldiers, and it doesn’t hurt that everybody has the same color haircut.

They work tirelessly and tirelessly and tirelessly. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if every one of them given a few shots of tequila or whatever the local beverage is. Tells you the truth and goes fuck I’m going crazy, I feel like committing suicide my entire life is laid out like a fucking Denny’s menu and I don’t even know what Denny’s is.”

A Van Halen icon recently revealed who is ‘highest paid.’ Simon Ribeiro recently posted on the, “What is THE ONE VH song that exemplifies VH Definitively? That’s tough, a real hard job to choose. I’ve been listening to FW a lot these last days, so I’d go with Unchained.

The point is that if I get VHII, then it would be Light Up the Sky or Bottoms Up!.
Or if I get W&CF, then it would be something different; maybe Cradle or IASR.
What I’m saying is that it depends on the album, the day, the mood, the weather.

Van Halen kicks and that’s for sure. My favorite band since 1983 and it ain’t gonna change.” MetalheadZone transcribed The Roth Show comments.