Sammy Hagar Brutally Calls Out ‘Drunk’ Van Halen Member


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony recently posted a video where he admitted to being ‘buzzed’ from drinking in an embarrassing Christmas sweatshirt, and he was hilariously called out by Sammy Hagar in a comment.

Hagar commented, “OK buddy when Sue asked you to do something different this year, whose idea was it to do this? There’s a lot of different things you could’ve done? hi ho hi ho ha ha ha ha merry Christmas my brother. PS what you drinking.” Anthony responded, “Santo.”

Sammy discussed his own liquor in a separate Instagram comment. A fan named Kennymoss9091 asked, “Sammy how come I can’t fined your liquor in Texas, I can Cabo but not the beach bar?” Hagar responded, “Tell me about it I’m arguing with these guys in every state every day trying to get better distribution. Ask your local liquor store guy to order it it’s with southern glazier wine and spirits.”

Kennymoss9091 shot back, “I live in Anna Tx north of McKinney which is about 50 miles north of Dallas an we have a Goody Goody liquor store here an its a chain all over the metroplex i asked them but still haven’t got it yet.”

LarryMorehead told Sammy, “I had to do that with our little liquor store with @crystalheadvodka and @outerspacevodka Talked with the reps and they told me to go in the store and ask about it and they ordered it. @crystalheadvodka ‘Bone Bottle’ they didn’t have and I talked with the owner and the next day they had a case of it. Yeah I bought the whole case. Lol.” Sammy Hagar just dropped a heartbreaking Alex Van Halen bombshell.