Corey Taylor Breaks Silence To Slipknot Fans After ‘Quitting’ Media


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor quit social media on August 31st after his fiance Alicia Dove was attacked by fans, and he’s given his first interview conducted since then with film critic Kevin McCarthy. Taylor has posted a video and photo since then, but he has Instagram comments turned off, so they seem more like automated posts than Taylor’s past constant use of social media platforms.

He discussed preparing for shows, “Obviously, getting all the crap on. Warming up, stretching out. Just preparing yourself, because it’s almost all adrenaline at that point. You get out on stage; you make sure you’re going to perform well; and then you just hold on for dear life. You let the mask basically run the show. Once you put that on, you’re a totally different person. You unlock something that is inside you, but it’s hard to conjure up when you’re not wearing it. It’s really carte blanche to just let go, and it’s pretty dope.”

He also discussed trying to have good pacing at shows, “You want to create space. You want to create peaks and valleys and stuff. You don’t want to destroy the audience and leave them with nothing. You create it so there’s a way for them to catch their breath. At the same time, we’re a band now that has so many different types of music that our sets are completely different from the way they used to be. Now, it just kind of comes down to what kind of flow we want it to have.

We can pummel (A Slipknot member was filmed yesterday smashing a guitar); we can permeate; we can draw people in; we can push them out; we can provoke; we can agitate. There’s so many things we can do now that actually make it fun to put the set together. At the same time, there’s certain beats that you know you have to hit. There are certain songs that if you don’t put it in there, people riot. That’s the fun of it — playing around with it and making sure you’re getting it right.”

Imaginary_Winna recently wrote on the Slipknot Reddit, “It’s been a month or so since WANYK was released and I just have to say…I have come to LOVE this album.

I am an unashamed S/T, Iowa era fan.. I thought WANYK was over-produced and a bit formulaic initially.. you can see my comments from a month ago… but with every listen I am back tracking on that assessment completely.

Unsainted and Solway in particular are basically perfect. Orphan and Red Flag are monsters. Red Flag could be described as an extremely refined S/T track.

That’s all I wanted to say. This album is f**king excellent.”

Hunthunt127 responded, “Honestly I don’t get the ‘overproduced’ bullshit people seem to get attached to, they just have better production now cause they’re one of the biggest metal bands in the world, I mean, would you fucking listen to an album from them, in 2019, with the production they had on MFKR???? Like, that’s just stupid.” A Corey Taylor mask was sold for a huge price last weekend.