Eddie Van Halen Family Leaks Gross Restaurant Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s lovely wife Janie has revealed she got a ‘sugar high’ from a bad cheat day meal! It’s gross for your body, but it definitely looks tasty! An Eddie Van Halen bandmate leaked a horrible wig photo recently.

Janie tweeted, “Cheat day with a #MangoTango @VoodooDoughnut 🍩😋 #sugarhigh #sodelicious.”

Wildman posted on VHLinks.com about Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen’s long awaited debut solo album, “I think Wolf has realized that there just isn’t enough interest out there, and the name will take him only so far.

He shouldn’t even consider a physical release. The biggest selling album of 2019 was Taylor Swift’s lover, and it barely went over a million copies. It was the only album to sell a million. Billie Eilish had the second biggest album of the year, and didn’t even sell 700,000 copies. Wolfgang would be lucky to sell 10,000. Why bother?”

Nicholas_Kudochop responded, “Wolf’s album isn’t going to happen. The fact is, nobody really cares in the big scheme of things. Possibly, IF he had an established career, people might care. The best he can do now, if he wants to make a career, he needs to carve out his own space. It’s never happened. His dad gave him the tools to be successful and he’s blown his chance of being his own artist. He’s got a lot of work to do.”

Deklon2 wrote, “I think the most likely scenario was that Wolf’s record would have been released just prior to the potential CVH reunion that was rumored last summer. This would have given Wolf maximum exposure and perhaps he would have been the opener if that reunion actually was in the works before Ed apparently couldn’t do it.

Perhaps that’s still a possibility in the relatively near future. If he just randomly dropped it with no VH activity going on, it would be the proverbial tree falls in the woods thing. There’s enough prior speculation and hints over the past 18 months that this is what may have happened. Of course it could be something completely different too!” Howard Stern unloaded on Eddie Van Halen ‘death bed’ rumors a few days ago.