Eddie Van Halen Family React To ‘Accident’ Rumor


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie Van Halen was asked on Monday night if she kicked her partner in the ‘nads’ by ‘accident’ when dancing. She did a crying laughing emoji, and said, “😂😂😂Ask him.” Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has claimed that Van Halen have broken up in a new WRIF Meltdown interview. Roth mentioned a Van Halen reunion tour with Michael Anthony being canceled. Michael Anthony made a sad statement last week regarding rumors that Eddie Van Halen is sick.

“It’s been canceled a number of times, and I think Van Halen is finished. This is the next phase. I have inherited the band, defacto, whatever that means. I think that means if you’ve inherited it, you carry this proudly. Van Halen isn’t going to be coming back in the fashion that you know. That being said, Eddie has got his own story to tell, it’s not mine to tell it.”

Eddie Van Halen’s wife recently uploaded a sad hospital video. David Lee Roth is scheduled to launch a Las Vegas residency next year, and he recently did a live intimate performance for friends and industry people, and he received some criticism from fans despite seeming to have great energy onstage.

ziggysmalls posted on the VHLinks.com forums, “Hey everybody gets old but with that you should realize what you can and cannot do. Sammy for his credit is tuning down because yes even he is losing the battle with Father Time. Dave simply ignores this and thinks is vocal chords are Benjamin Button. I have been accused of being a Roth Loyalist (far from it) and hater of all things Sammy.

Dave simply can’t sing in his preferred style. Its the truth. No cell phone speakers, no closeness to PA, no bad nights, no rehearsals, etc. He sounds like two raccoons wrastling in a garbage can. Dave simply needs to watch 2007 and try to emulate that. Doesn’t have to do more or less. In all honestly I believe this Vegas thing won’t make it due to ticket sales.” Sammy Hagar called out David Lee Roth disrespect last week.