Eddie Van Halen Wife Reveals Scary Hospital Video


Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie shared a video a few months ago of herself getting a nerve test with a doctor. She wrote, “Soooo, this was tons of fun yesterday πŸ˜‚. Felt like being tazed 😳. #nervetest #shockthemonkey #nothankyou #fashionableattire #thiswasnothilarious.” Michael Anthony responded to terrible Eddie Van Halen health rumors a few days ago.

hottyracerx commented, “My gosh, that sounds like a serious charge…and is thatceddie laughing?? Man. Youre a strong woman. Id be jumping like a girl, well, little girl. Gott look this up and find out, what its for. Gid bless my fave couple, God bless you both with good health πŸ™ The Doc does that, like Dr Frankenstein, no reaction. Sheesh πŸ‘€β˜οΈ

brad_bowlin_official_ chimed in, “Y’all got that kind of money hu? Where you just tase yourself for fun??! Out here on the street, where I’m from, if your getting tased it is NOT fun and does in fact suck. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 🀘πŸ”₯ @janievanhalen.”

David Lee Roth first brought Eddie Van Halen sad illness reports to light recently, and Roth himself is returning to playing live in 2020 with a Las Vegas residency. He recently did a private performances for people in the music industry, and Van Halen fans were divided with their reactions.

EJC posted on the VHLinks.com forums, “His band sounds really paint by numbers and boring. 3 guitars is overkill. I know its just a cell phone recording but 1 of the 3 guiarists sounded out of tune, and none of them could sing backup. And they are playing everything slow except Panama. Way too much gain. Dave is Dave. He sounds ok and is moving like a guy half his age – so props for that…

I got nothing but respect for him. But the songs just don’t come to life without EVH/AVH on that stage. Same as when Sammy plays them. ‘Van Halen’ can not be duplicated. But I know these guys gotta move on with life… Just my thoughts. I hope Dave has a great time and is very successful with his residency…” A Van Halen icon unloaded on a David Lee Roth snub recently.