Nirvana Member Reveals If He Hates Nickelback


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has reacted to a Fox News personality saying, “I think Nickelback is like socialism.” Dave Grohl recently revealed a drug he enjoyed using while listening to Nirvana.

Novoselic responded, “Who is this jerk? Nickelback is a power pop rock band & I love them!!!! They are Canadian BTW. The USA can work well because of the uneasy marriage between socialism and capitalism here. There is push and pull—so be weary of those on the fringe advocating one way or another.”

Krist tweeted Elizabeth Warren about her plan for excessive lobbying, “Instead of piling on prohibitions on people who are basically petitioning their government, why not instead foster grassroots engagement? Get rid of partisan primaries. Enact proportional representation and Ranked Choice Voting. Strict and clear disclosure rules.”

Nirvana reacted to a rumored 2019 tour a few months ago. Novoselic added, “Government should not decide who has ‘undue influence.’ I offer alternatives to the current broken system rooted in freedom.”

He later said, “@ewarren waved goodbye to @BernieSanders today with her best wishes tweet. However, Sanders narrative of victimhood lives on as Warren makes lobbyists villains. Voters who perceive themselves as victims will then feel like they’re legitimately entitled to campaign promises.”

He also tweeted, “SCOTUS threw out the undue influence Standard in 2010. They said that government could not favor certain speakers. @ewarren proposal is a campaign stunt. Our system is set up to thwart the will of the people. That’s how crazy @realDonaldTrump got elected.” Eddie Vedder recently broke his silence on Kurt Cobain.