Michael Jackson Daughter Makes Sad Eddie Van Halen Claim


Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson revealed that she needs a romantic partner who will dance to Eddie Van Halen‘s music with her in a new tweet. Eddie Van Halen’s family just revealed a gross meal photo.

Paris said, “Get yourself a partner that’ll slowdance to van halen with you.” Sebastian Bach responded, “Must be talkin’ ’bout love @Suzanne_Le ♥️.” Paris liked the tweet.

While Eddie Van Halen is not touring this year, David Lee Roth will be opening for KISS starting next month on their farewell tour.

VH1986 posted on VHLinks.com, “I accept Dave’s shows for what they are, a trip down memory lane for us and some cash for him. I accept Sam’s shows for what they are, a trip down memory lane with some cool new tag-a-long songs and some cash for him. I think Sam is and was a much better live singer than Dave.

That is/was more important and entertaining to me, while others prefer(red) Dave’s imperfect vocals and over the top stage antics. I’ve always been entertained by both regardless of my preference.

I’m going to see KISS next month because Dave is opening. I’m going to see Sammy this Summer because it may be the last time. I don’t see any need to shit on either of these guys regardless of what they may have lost in range and mobility in old age. I’m just damn grateful a few of the veterans from Van Halen can still get out there and rock for us.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently revealed a sad Paul McCartney secret.