Van Halen Icon Takes Brutal Shot At Michael Jackson


Van Halen icon David Lee Roth recently discussed Michael Jackson on The Roth Show. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. An Eddie Van Halen disease treatment rumor was recently revealed.

Roth: With that in mind, I’m gonna rush through how I consequently, we express ourselves. This is in the factory and you see all my old classmates from high school, Pasadena City College and then the audience of all the clubs in the bars that Van Halen played – which were all local bicycle distance premier. Electric bike, but bicycle distance. Everybody lines up, it looks like a class picture and we have clearly defined ourselves with:

[Roth takes a deep breath]

Roth: Here we go…

Roth: Bandanna, sunglasses, earrings, cap teeth, new cap teeth, third set of cap teeth, new nose in the worlds of Michael Jackson or in the word specifically:

“Just one more appointment Thomas” [Roth says in a Michael Jackson imitated voice]  

Eddie Van Halen’s son recently commented on a post after a sickness rumor.

Roth: Don’t edit that thing Thomas! I got tuck here, we got a little thing here, bought the shirt, bought the necklace, bought the wristwatch, got the special band for the wristwatch, got the belt, the buckle, got the pants, the special kind of boots, got the Levi’s and they are the ones that are down around my knees – don’t look! Montage is over. You get the idea. This is how we roll. Everybody is a little bit different and looks like a Benetton ad, kind of the “California Girls” video, Jay-Z Picasso Baby, everybody is really self expressing and they are confronted with a battalion of the Chinese.

A new Eddie Van Halen restaurant photo recently was leaked to a big name.