Sammy Hagar Confirms Van Halen Replacement Rumor


Sammy Hagar confirmed a story in Ted Templeman’s book that he almost replaced David Lee Roth before Van Halen even released their first album. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar’s interaction with a fan. A Van Halen icon recently reacted to a David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar tour demand.

The fan told Hagar, “Just got done reading Ted Templeman’s book. I had no idea u guys had hooked up before VH via Montrose. Crazy story to think he contemplated having u replace Roth at the very beginning.”

Hagar responded, “🤙Good book.” Templeman and Van Halen considered replacing Roth with Hagar in the mid-70’s due to Roth having vocal issues, but he ended up improving and becoming one of rock’s most iconic frontmen. Hagar later replaced Roth after he quit the band in 1985 to pursue a solo career.

Sammy Hagar just apologized for an Eddie Van Halen photo post. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently told BBC Radio about what Eddie Van Halen meant to him after his death.

“I was lucky because, around 1997 [or] ’98, there was a guitar magazine in America, and I went to them, and I said, ‘I’d really like to interview Eddie Van Halen,’ and they said, ‘Why do you wanna interview Eddie Van Halen?’ I said, ‘Because I’d really like to introduce him to a generation of alternative guitar players.’

To me, he really is an alternative guitar player; I know he gets kind of lumped in the other way. And so they allowed me to basically have a four-hour interview with Eddie at his studio. I got to sit two feet away from Eddie and watch him play, and I’m telling you, it was like a religious experience. I mean, the man was so gifted, so kind.”

Corgan added: “I’ll tell you a quick story. Towards the end of the interview, I said to him, ‘There’s all those stories about the amp you used on ‘Van Halen I’ and tada tada da. I said, ‘Do you still have the amp?’ He goes, ‘Oh, yeah.’ He takes me around the corner, kind of near the dustbin, and he’s, like, ‘There it is.’ I go, ‘What about all the stories that you did all this special modification?’ He goes, ‘Oh, it’s not true at all.'”