Eddie Van Halen Reunited With Sammy Hagar Before Death


Eddie Van Halen reconciled with Sammy Hagar before his death, Alternative Nation has learned. In the last year of Van Halen’s life, the two reconnected after 15 years, reforming their friendship after years of Hagar publicly reaching out to Van Halen in interviews and on social media.

Hagar himself confirmed that he was on good terms with Van Halen, though he did not give any details about the last year timeline that has come out. Sammy said, “All the love pouring out from the fans and the news today is all too overwhelming. You can’t imagine the thoughts burning through my brain, my heart, and my soul right now. I just want to say ‘it’s all good between Eddie and I.’ I’ll explain another time when this has digested.”

Eddie Van Halen lost his battle with throat cancer yesterday, dying at the age of 65. The last photo of Eddie taken before his death surfaced. Van Halen last toured with Sammy Hagar in 2004, a one off reunion tour 8 years after their breakup. The tour did not go well, with Eddie Van Halen struggling with alcoholism, and Hagar exiting again after the tour with Michael Anthony soon to follow.

Eddie Van Halen finally got sober a few years later when Van Halen relaunched with the return of David Lee Roth on lead vocals and Wolfgang Van Halen replacing Michael Anthony as bassist.