Eddie Van Halen ‘Sick’ Ex-Wife Claim Revealed


Eddie Van Halen health rumors have run rampant in recent weeks, and now former The Howard Stern Show personality and gossip wroter A.J. Benza is claiming in The Montreal Gazette that Eddie has been visited by ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli to show him support. Eddie and Valerie are both happily remarried, and they share a son together, Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen’s wife revealed who ‘came out of hiding’ yesterday.

According to the Montreal Gazette, sources say she jumped at the chance to see if there was something she could do to make his days any easier. “She’s just that type of warm, loving and compassionate person,” the source said about Bertinelli, who married financial planner Tom Vitale in 2011.

“When she and Eddie were together, she was always cleaning him up, straightening his tie or helping him comb his hair. That’s the way she is. And I think she feels Eddie needs that now.”

A Van Halen icon confirmed a firing after a sad bombshell recently. Railrunner130 responded on VHLinks.com, “I wouldn’t read into this at all. Val and Ed got/get along after the divorce. I believe they do birthday parties for Wolf and such together. I think this was written by a drama queen. I don’t believe the word “death” was anything that came from Dave.”

Get The Show On The Road responded, “At some point where there’s smoke there’s fire. We have all sorts of sources basically telling us more or less the same thing, plus we know that there was supposed to be some sort of tour or activity and it didn’t happen.

The flat out refusal to address the rumors to me lends credence to there being something there. I hope I’m wrong, but the more this stuff comes out and the longer it goes on with no official rebuttal that it is all gossip and bogus the more likely that something is seriously wrong IMO.”

bklynboy68 said, “I hope this story is 100% bullshit.” Get The Show On The Road then wrote, “Me too. But the more this stuff pops up and the more we don’t hear a damn thing from official sources the more it concerns me that there’s something to them.

I get it that Ed is a private person but unfortunately someone of his stature is not going to be able to hide this kind of thing forever. People talk, stuff gets said, and eventually things leak. We haven’t seen anything from him, no tweets from George Lopez, Wolf has clammed up, and Dave is doing his own thing now. Definitely concerning.”

You can read the Benza article at the Montreal Gazette.