Slipknot Icon Crazy Haircut Photo Revealed, Is He Bald?


A Slipknot fan seemed to think Sid Wilson got a bad haircut after he posted a new photo, though to many others it looked bad ass! Corey Taylor describing his ‘attack’ in the Slipknot studio was recently detailed.

tommyboy026 commented, “STOP GETTING OLDER PLS😫😭.”

Sid responded, “@tommyboy026 age is a state of mind.”

Slipknot returned to the stage on Friday night at the Louder Than Life festival after a few weeks off. ItsYaBoiSquatch1998 posted on Reddit, “They opened with a track of ‘For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)’ into 515 (sic) People=Shit Then these songs that i dont remember the order of Duality Psychosocial Unsainted Solway Firth Before I Forget Vermillion Wait and Bleed Sulfur Heretic Anthem All Out Life And the outro/encore was Spit it Out Surfacing And a track playing Til We Die as they walked off and started packing up. I could be missing maybe a song or 2 and there was one song i couldnt put my finger on but thats everything else i remember.”

Metallica canceled their Australian tour with Slipknot yesterday after James Hetfield entered rehab, with Hetfield’s final photos before going into rehab surfacing. Slipknot said they intend to try to do an Australian tour, and fans on Reddit have speculated on how they could pull it off on short notice.

Angie-P posted, “I’m trying to think how likely it would be, I mean it’s a few weeks away so they’ve probably planned travel already (persons and props) and it’s a huge money loss.

Hoping they’ll just say fuck it, Ticketmaster says Monday we’ll get info so let’s hope they’re waiting to hear from Slipknot.”

bjmisawesome posted, “I think Slipknot will be headlining Download Festival next year, and hopefully have time for the rescheduled Metallica dates.”

He later added, “I’m talking about Download Australia; which takes place in March. Been a rumour for the last few weeks, apparently they were announcing them as headliner during or after Metallica tour here. Knotfest Japan being announced this week added some weight to that rumour. I really hope its true, was supposed to my first time and I’ve missed them twice before.” A Slipknot member recently shared a sad shirtless photo.