Eddie Vedder Finally Reveals Bold Truth About Obama


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder appeared at former first lady Michelle Obama’s “A Conversation with Michelle Obama” on Sunday night at the Tacoma Dome. Jimmy Kimmel served as host, like he did for the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show last month. Vedder unloaded on sexual harassment against women, guns, and discussed how women inspire him.

“This is the biggest crowd, I’m told this is the biggest crowd of any event you’ve done,” Kimmel said to Mrs. Obama in front of the more than 18,000 people in attendance.

“This is the biggest crowd,” Obama replied.

Eddie Vedder said he is becoming more ‘energized’ and ‘excited’ by his wife and daughters.

He discussed how women are using their voices for ‘equality for women’ and the ‘end of gun violence.’

He also said women should be “free from harassment in our streets and in the workplace.”

He also said, “I am inspired by the wisdom and courage of Michelle Obama.”

Vedder recently spoke about the current first lady Melania Trump, but his words were far different than what he said about Obama, as he discussed Trump’s sex life.

Vedder took shots at President Trump with some jokes at the Innings Festival in Arizona earlier this month. He first was joking about misogynists getting laid.

“Not that anyone should look to lay a misogynist. I’m sure that there’s none here but there’s actually enough people that statistically it’s probable that there’s [one] of you, at least. You know who I think should learn this [how to play the ukulele]?

I think if he learned the ukulele, it might be the only way Melania ever sleeps with him. I think it’s very nice that I’m crossing the aisle here, and we’ve been looking out for his best interests. You know when he could do it too because you know for small hands…”

Vedder was referencing when Republican Senator Marco Rubio implied in early 2016 that the future President of the United States, Donald Trump, had a small penis due to his ‘small hands.’