Pearl Jam Return After Painful Medical News


Pearl Jam cancelled their 3 last shows. It happened as there were concerns over frontman Eddie Vedder’s vocal health. Though they were told to stop the tour, the band went back to action to wrap up their European Summer tour.

After canceling a show in Vienna last week, the band revealed that two of the three the remaining scheduled dates on the run — including a July 22 show in Prague and a the first of a planned two-night stand in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome on July 24 — will also be called off on the advice of Vedder’s doctors. A spokesperson for the band said that Monday night’s (July 25) second night in Amsterdam was scheduled to go on as planned.

Pearl Jam returns to the stage

As reported by Spin, the group played their scheduled show in Amsterdam yesterday, July 25, with the singer going against a doctor’s advice, who told him to rest his voice for two weeks.

During the show, Vedder revealed his reaction to the medical orders: “I’m not gonna f***in’ leave this part of the world without playing one more show”.

Pearl Jam kicked off their set slowly with 4 acoustic songs, dusting off “Nothing as it Seems” for the first time since 2018, followed by “Off He Goes”, “Footsteps”, and “Alright”. Vedder had a couple of breaks during the performance to rest his voice, with guitarist Stone Gossard taking the helm for “Mankind”, and drummer Matt Cameron singing for the band’s cover of Kiss’ “Black Diamond”. The frontman can properly recover now, as Pearl Jam are scheduled to return to a live stage only in September when they start their Autumn North American tour. The band is slated to kick off the tour on Sept. 1 in Quebec City, Canada.

The cancelations were caused after Vedder’s throat suffered damage from wildfires in France during the band’s recent show in Paris. “To all those who were anticipating a great Pearl Jam show tonight in Vienna, we were too. However, due to the extreme circumstances at the last outdoor site outside of Paris (heat, dust, and smoke from the fires) our singer Ed Vedder’s throat was left damaged,” the band said in a statement about the earlier show cancelations. “He has seen doctors and had treatment but as of yet, his vocal cords have not recovered.”