Bono Driven To Tears At Heartbreaking U2 Concert


Bono was simply moved to tears during one of U2’s most recent shows in Australia. The touching moment came after Bono got done singing the group’s classic hit from 2001, ‘Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of’. The song was dedicated to the late co-founder of the group INXS, Michael Hutchence, with a montage playing on the video-tron of Hutchence. This particular song was written with Hutchence in mind as Bono has stated in the past that the song was inspired by a fictional conversation that he had with the late INXS co-founder about suicide. Bono was recently stunned by U2 fan rushing stage in video.

One person who was at the show shared her account as Hildegard Mathies wrote on Twitter: “Here they are. The tears when BONO says: ‘Shine your light for Michael Hutchence.’ & I only can imagine the Milky Way 4 Michael tonight. And then this beautiful snippet… that is so much more, building a bridge to the heavens. Never torn apart. Never. Love, Michael”

In other news regarding Bono and U2, fans took to social media to look back at the impact of the group’s impact album ‘All You Can’t Leave Behind’. A ‘trainwreck’ U2 and Bono performance was ripped a couple of days ago.

One reviewer wrote: “For over thirty years I’ve listened to U2. At times I would leave them behind, thinking that there was no longer a possibility of them still creating great music as a “supergroup.” Or maybe it was during a period of my life busy with young children. But although I at times have mixed reviews of some of their periods of music, virtually every time I have come back to albums I ignored when released, I have been rewarded. And “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” is definitely an album not to be left behind. To my ear, it combines the best of U2’s earliest passions with the musical sensibilities and creative experimentations that so many years as a band have given them, and wraps it into a refreshing U2 form.”

The reviewer continued: “Though I don’t think it could have been made without U2 going through their industrial and electronic phase of the early nineties, it combines elements of that with an earlier purity to create a powerful mix of music and lyrics that I have yet to tire of hearing. A combination of hope, grace, and compassion reverberates throughout the album, acknowledging the darkness but finding some light. The first seven tracks are especially strong. Without question, it was their best album of that decade, and one of their three best ever.” Bono recently revealed how much U2 bandmates are paid.