Eddie Vedder Stunning Payday With Metallica Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich are among the speakers scheduled for the Dreamforce event this week in San Francisco at Yerba Buena Center. Vedder will speak with Salesforce Co-CEO Keith Block on Wednesday, followed by an acoustic performance, though it’s unclear if he’ll be joined by Ulrich or anyone else. A Metallica member recently revealed if he really quit drinking.

Barack Obama, Tim Cook, Emilia Clarke, Stephen Curry, David Beckham, Robin Wright, and Gretchen Carlson are also scheduled. Corporate gigs at high paying ones, so Vedder and Ulrich will likely be paid handsomely, though Vedder uses events like this frequently for his EB Research Partnership charity, so his money could go to that.

A Red Hot Chili Peppers member revealed what he wanted Eddie Vedder to do for his wife last week. Fans on the Pearl Jam Ten Club boards weighed in on the performance news. LeeBug87 posted, “It’s for real. My husband arrived there this morning and texted me a bit ago with the news. I have been seriously considering flying across the county and back in the same day to see him for 45 minutes lol.”

They added, “He is playing but it seems like the speech and the ‘special performance’ is 45 minutes long combined.” Bootlegger10 wrote, “Hearing Eddie sing five songs just isn’t something I would be too excited about. Needs some new stuff.”

Demetrios mentioned that Vedder’s performance at Dreamforce in 2014 wasn’t broadcast, while this event will be. LeeBug87 responded, “Yeah, but that was a private show for the top sales people of the company during a retreat, this is more of a public conference. I’m still seeing if I could get in and then debating if its worth it to fly across country round trip in one day haha.”

Bootlegger10 posted about Eddie getting paid, “I think Eddie has learned that if you wait for government to act, it won’t get done. Corporations though are flush with cash. If he wants a donation to his EB foundation, he can try to get 1,000 people to donate 100 dollars each, or can network with corporate CEO’s and and get one to donate $100,000. So he plays a corporate gig and they donate to a charity he likes. Or he takes the money and donates it. The CEOs are In his phone now and every year he can reach out for donations to causes. This is what I think is going on.” Eddie Vedder’s rumored movie with an A-list star was revealed a couple of weeks ago.