Eddie Vedder Wife Reacts To Chris Cornell Widow Insult


Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni recently responded to a comment on a social media post that suggested a variety of names involved with Soundgarden’s history should be their for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, including Chris Cornell’s ex-wife and former Soundgarden manager Susan Silver. Toni Cornell ripped Eddie Vedder’s wife last month.

This led to a back and forth with some fans, where Toni said, “I’m sure Susan was a great manager but are you saying Soundgarden would not have been successful if they had a different manager, say Pearl Jam’s or Nirvana’s? In that case one could argue Soundgarden could have been much bigger. I respectfully disagree and if managers are integral to a band’s success then credit should be given to all of them including those instrumental in reuniting the band and working on getting them this very nomination. Just my opinion shaped by listening to my Dad, you don’t have to agree but I think most artists would.:

An account called ‘only.the.truth.for.cc’ later posted a screenshot of the comment. In a caption on the screenshot, they disrespected Vicky Cornell by calling her ‘Icky,’ and accused her of logging into her daughter’s Instagram account, without providing any documented proof.

“Icky‘s at it again, using Toni‘s IG-Account…this time on chriscornell‘s IG page #nomorebullshit #istandwithkimbenandmatt.” Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill liked this post on Instagram.

Another fan account called Cocoa6967 shared a Susan Silver screenshot quote that said, “The sense of pressure was never there, because the thing about Soundgarden and Alice In Chains – they had really clear musical direction within the group. What an outside producer or A&R person had to say about the music was irrelevant – it really just bounced off. In that sense, there wasn’t pressure from the outside. Internally, everybody had a pretty strong agreement as to what music they liked.

They were making some amazing music.” Cocoa6967 captioned the screenshot photo post with, “A relevant quote from former Soundgarden manager Susan Silver about Soundgarden never needing an outside producer because the members were in strong agreement about the music. Seems like the opposite of what is being claimed now. #istandwithsoundgarden.”

Vicky Cornell recently told a fan in a comment on a Chris Cornell Instagram post about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that featured photos of Toni, “And I’m also going to add while you may not care that her daddy gets inducted with Soundgarden, she does. She is proud of her daddy. Please think… And then you come – who are you – you don’t care, great, keep your opinion to yourself. She cares that’s what matters.” Eddie Vedder’s ‘final’ 2019 performance with big name was recently detailed.