Howard Stern Makes Sad Dave Grohl Daughter Claim


Howard Stern said he wanted a ‘better mix’ when he was played a performance of Dave Grohl‘s daughter fronting the Nirvana reunion recently on his show. Dave Grohl took a stunning photo with John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono that surfaced recently. recapped: Robin read a story about Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry splitting up. She said they announced that over their break. Robin said the romance must have gone out of that relationship.

Howard said Beth didn’t know that Kate McKinnon was a lesbian. He said she came out and said something about that on the air and Beth had no idea. Howard wondered what Sara and Linda do when they’re alone. He said they must play with their titties for an hour. He said he has no interest in titties. He said he spends 5 seconds on them and moves on to the vagina. Robin had some audio of Sara talking about how she proposed to Linda.

Robin read a story about a reunion of Nirvana when Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic performed together at a concert. Robin said Beck took over the singing duties. Robin said Violet Grohl also sang Heart Shaped Box. Howard said that’s Dave’s daughter. Robin had some audio of that. Howard said they need a better mix. Howard said he saw a documentary where Dave had Krist come in and play bass on a song he was making. He said it made him nostalgic.

Howard asked what broke up Sara and Linda. Robin said she thinks that Sara said she had to stop doing The Talk because she was doing that and the Roseanne show. Howard said he’s guessing Sara has another man already. He said he wants Linda to come in there and tell them what they did in the bedroom together. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

Howard said he’s seen a lot of news from Australia lately. He said the way they speak is very interesting. He said he was wondering why they decided to say a word a certain way. He said he has to find that clip and bring it in tomorrow. Robin said even the New Zealanders have a different sound too. Howard said they do. Rage Against The Machine recently unloaded on Dave Grohl disrespect.