Jason Newsted Viciously Calls Out Metallica Singer


The official Instagram of Metallica showcased this throwback photo from 1997 in which Jason Newsted and the rest of the band are delivering an angry stare down at each other. Newsted, in particular, looks like he is yelling at James Hetfield. You can view this picture below. Metallica bassist retires, is Jason Newsted back?

In other news featuring Jason Newsted and Metallica fans recently took to social media to look back at one of Newsted and company’s most popular albums – And Justice for All. One fan reviewed: ” I won’t even touch the music. It speaks for itself. This was my first ever album, so it may just be the personal sentiment. But everyone else has also said this album is perfect (at least in songwriting). Some may not like the production; the mixer of the album, Steve Thompson, claimed that Lars’ choices on the drum mix were horrible, but I personally think that a tight, percussive drum sound works really well in the studio; others claim that the scooped guitar tone sounds annoying, but the Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ pulls it off really good; and of course, the lack of bass, this I cannot justify.

Metallica bassist unloads on Jason Newsted ‘replacing’ him. The fan continued: “It sure is a shame that the bass is completely mute on this album (especially considering that Jason Newsted’s basslines are “a perfect marriage with Hetfield’s guitar parts” according to Thompson, and I totally agree). But alas, the album is still legendary. Not a single bad track. Not one filler moment. If you like riff fests, this record’s for you. Personal favorite songs are One and To Live is to Die.”

The fan also said: “However, a fair warning. These songs reach up to 10 minutes long. While it’s musically a great experience, your needle might not keep up with the fine grooves of the record, and stuttering and eventually stoppage will happen before the last song on both sides of Disc 2 is over. If you have a fine needle, don’t worry. But keep it in mind if you do plan on getting the vinyl. Some have complained about the remaster sounding like total doo-doo compared to the original, but I had absolutely no problems at all; it sounds as good as the 1988 cassette. Not sure about the CD, but I can confidently say that the vinyl is definitely worth a buy.” Metallica bassist savagely calls out Jason Newsted.