Maynard James Keenan Reacts To Tool Show Drug Arrest


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan reacted to police attempting to arrest a fan for smoking marijuana at a recent concert in Milwaukee. A Tool member having a shaved bald head at a show was revealed in a video yesterday.

Chimmycam posted on Reddit, “What did Maynard say when the police tried to arrest the guy in the white long-sleeve Tool shirt smoking a joint? Near the end of the concert, When the police shined their flashlights all over that dude smoking a joint 3 levels above them, what did Maynard say to make those cops go away?”

He later added, “The cops were on the bottom floor and the guy smoking was on the 3rd floor up. They stopped the show for a minute while they shined their bright flashlights at him and tried to get to him, as he continued to smoke his joint. Maynard said something and they finally went away.”

A Tool member confirmed a Fear Inoculum sequel a few days ago. SleepyDad 1 posted about the VIP experience at the show, “Give up my phone, they hand us our merch package, and send us upstairs to get in line for the merch table. They formed two lines, and we waited maybe 20-30 minutes for everyone to finish checking in, and the merch table to be setup. This is where shit got a little crazy. They open the table, and it’s just chaos. The lines that were formed meant nothing, and everyone rushes the table. It all worked out though. They ran out of posters like two guys ahead of me, but promptly got on the radio and had more brought up, sigh of relief.

After everyone had their chance at emptying their wallets, we gathered around to wait for sound check.

Last thing I’ll say about this part, is that everyone there was awesome! No one was rude or pushy.

Sound check: Holy shit man!! As we are waiting to go in, we got to listen to the full band (with Maynard singing) play Invincible!! Couldn’t watch it, but still fucking awesome. Heard Adam play some of The Patient, Descending, and Rosetta Stoned. These were short 30-40 second pieces of heaven of Adam just jamming. Maynard leaves, we go in, the boys jam FI, Danny messes with his crazy synth, and we take our group photos. I stayed towards the back, so I’m not sure how much interaction the people up front had with the boys. Adam seemed to really like the guy dressed up as Jesus though, lol.” Tool kicked several fans out of a recent concert.