Freddie Mercury Boy Claim Finally Revealed


The Instagram fan account Freddie Mercur yClub, posted the following darling story of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Here, Mama Mercury, whose name was Jer, talks about how young Freddie, whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara was the opposite in this family life rather than his “life of the party”, larger than life persona that we would see on the stage. Freddie Mercury making a ‘morbid’ death comment was recently detailed. 

Speaking of parties, Mercury’s mother discusses how she would take him to parties as a child around four to five years old where he would sing. His reward? A piece of chocolate. How adorably delightful. Freddie Mercury was filmed flirting with a surprising man in recently unearthed footage. You can the full transcript of this interview, which was originally transcribed by Instagram fan account FreddieMercuryClub below. This Freddie Mercury fat photo was revealed by Freddie’s mother. Mercury’s mother also discussed what he’d do in a bedroom as a boy with his song ideas.


Jer Bulsara on Freddie

Some lovely stories Mother Mercury shares about her dear boy… 😍

“I wanted Freddie to be a lawyer or an accountant or something like that…He used to write all his music before going to college put it under the pillow [in his bedroom] and telling me not to remove any pieces of paper underneath…At the age of four or five he wanted to say that he could sing and we used to take him to parties and he would say can I sing? So I would get a chocolate as a prize.”

Interviewer: You wanted him be an accountant really…to get a good desk job? How did you feel about the tenure job that he ended up with?

(Jer laughs)

Interviewer: In his famously crazy days, he was the life of the party both on stage and off stage…how crazy did it get being his mum? Or did it get crazy at all?

Jer: No because whenever he used to come and meet his family he was just as normal as ever and used to respect both of us me and my husband and said don’t talk about business… I want to come home.

“I just want to keep his memory alive as long as I can…” ❤

P.S. One more inaccuracy corrected: Freddie NEVER acted like a diva at home around his family…he was such a sweet and down to earth mama’s boy. I will try my best to continue with what you wanted to do sweet Jer…keeping Freddie’s memory alive and his truth known as long as I can.