Paul Stanley ‘Horrifying’ Photo Surprises KISS Fans


We will never forget – which is why we are posting this somber story now. Paul Stanley, the iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the rock band KISS posted his tribute remembering those who were lost in the terrorist attacks on America eighteen years ago. You can read Stanley’s tweet commemorating the catastrophic event on America below. Paul Stanley grabbed this young A-list actress in a recent photo.

Paul Stanley
I will never forget the horror and my inability to comprehend what I was witnessing. I honor in memory all those who have perished including the brave men and women who continue to suffer the effects of the cleanup following the attack.

KISS fans discussed what the most ‘cringeworthy’ KISS song of all time was in a recent topic. Paul Stanley was caught watching this gross video by KISS fans earlier this month. Avidfan replied: “Tie between I Finally Found My Way and I Finally Found My Way, Read My Body is an easy target too. I’ve always dreaded Then She Kissed Me, no way a cover should have been put on there, especially that pos.”

Bruce was on the diplomatic side stating: “What I love about KISS is that there’s a record for every mood. Peter’s solo album, Music from the Elder, Unmasked, Carnival of Souls, Lick It Up and even Crazy, Crazy Nights … there’s so much variety. And certain fans question KISS ever being about the music! Even their latest record couldn’t be considered “recent.” And so much of their output is decades — plural — old, it’s a wonder any of it stands the test of time. But when I put on Asylum or Animalize, it’s so good … just so damn good.” Ghost’s singer recently revealed if Paul Stanley is terrible.