Freddie Mercury ‘Creepy’ AIDS Skin Photo Revealed


A Queen fan has pointed out how Freddie Mercury appeared to be going for a Dracula look in his final video before he died of AIDS in 1991, sharing a creepy side by side photo showing the facial and skin similarities. Freddie knew how to have a unique look and stay stylish, all the way until the end. Freddie Mercury ‘hiding’ AIDS in a video was revealed last week.

Freddie Mercury Club recently posted a rare video of the late Queen singer discussing possibly becoming a Hollywood actor:

Do you ever see a time where you’d like to translate your theatrics into film?

Freddie: [Looks up with those gorgeous eyes, pulls his upper lip in that adorable fashion, takes a deep breath of serious consideration yet cool nonchalance] Not really. 😎

“A lot of people ask me that. [Shoulder action] If I wanted I could have done that a long time ago.
I feel that at the moment there’s a lot of things in within Queen that keeps me happy and as far as being an actor or whatever is…[cute hand gesture✋] nah forget it.

“If I want to do anything I’ll do it properly and I mean I really need to feel interested in it.
A lot of people do because they think alright we’ve done two or three years in rock n roll [The cutest and coolest wiping of the left eye with those long delicate fingers 👀👈] and become successful let’s be movie stars. That’s not my bag. [The way he says baaaag 🔥]

“At the moment I’m quite happy doing what I wanna do. It’s very creative at the moment I mean what we’re doing within Queen, my creative output within that is enough for me.”

Well we all know about those singers who turn into movie stars and actors who turn into singers and on and on…Freddie brilliantly put my view on all that into eloquent well said words 💪👊

P.S. Could he be anymore breathtakingly gorgeous with that generously open collar and those big beautiful brown eyes and luscious lips doing all sorts of facial gestures? And that soothing speaking voice…I could listen to it forever 🔥❤🔥

This is the third part of that ET Interview in 1982 I’ve posted before. A Freddie Mercury bandmate making a sad AIDS drug claim was revealed last month.