Freddie Mercury ‘Hides’ AIDS In Awful Video


Freddie Mercury Club recently revealed how he hid how AIDS was destroying his body in a new post on their social media page about a Queen classic. Gene Simmons recently revealed a painful Freddie Mercury photo. The Freddie Club post states:

These Are the Days of Our Lives. On December 9th 1991 (September 5th 1991 in US), exactly 28 years ago today, Queen released “These Are the Days of Our Lives” as the fifth single from their Innuendo album in the UK.

Although credited to the whole band, the song was largely written by Roger Taylor. Keyboards were programmed by the four band members in the studio, and conga percussion (a synthesised conga) was recorded by their producer David Richards(although it was mimed in the video by Roger Taylor).

It was released as a single in the US on Freddie Mercury’s 45th birthday, 5 September 1991, and as double A-side single in the UK on 9 December, in the wake of Mercury’s death, with the Queen track “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The single debuted at #1 on the UK Singles Chart, and remained at the top for five weeks. The song was awarded a Brit Award for “Best Single” in 1992. The accompanying video was the last to feature frontman Freddie Mercury as he was in the final stages of his battle with AIDS. The majority of the footage used in the video was filmed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher of DoRo Productions on 30 May 1991.

In the video, which was released in black and white to hide the full extent of his illness, Mercury is wearing a waistcoat with pictures of cats that was made for him by a close friend, and which he loved. With his knowing farewell look straight at the camera, Mercury whispers “I still love you” as the song ends, which are his last ever words on camera

P.S. I try to avoid posting this as much as I can because for me it’s physical and mental torture to see Freddie like this…On one hand, I hate the fact that they released this video with Freddie’s heartbreaking condition and I wish they never had done so at all…

But on the other hand, I know how much it meant to Freddie himself to do music and make one last video and also he got to say his last words to us…so this is yet another testament to the man’s superhuman courage and integrity to do what he felt right in his heart and say the most beautiful and real and touching farewell to his fans #istillloveyou Freddie.” Freddie Mercury’s bandmate recently made a sad AIDS drug claim.