Freddie Mercury Drinking With Teen Girl Photo Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was photographed with a teen Catherine Zeta Jones, who was drinking something (we’re assuming non-alcoholic!), in the 80’s. Freddie Mercury watching a Queen bandmate get massaged was revealed in a new video a couple of days ago. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

Happy 50th birthday to the lovely @CatherineZetaJones. The elegant Freddie Mercury with a 17-year-old Catherine Zeta Jones and Jill Gascoine after a performance of “42nd Street” in the late 80s 😍

“Freddie came to see us in the musical ’42nd street’ many times. He loved tap dancing! Love and miss you Freddie.” -Catherine Zeta Jones

P.S. Look how elegant and charming Freddie looks in his chic dark suit and white cravate… and that wide smile on Catherine’s face tells you exactly how it must have felt to be in the presence of such a legend…”

Freddie Mercury came out of the closet to a surprising rock icon. Freddie Mercury Club also recently posted:

It’s hard to put an end to Freddie’s birthday…Ancient Persians (ancestors of Freddie and me) had a tradition of celebrating a festivity for 7 days and 7 nights and I’m gonna do just that…

I posted this video about 7 months ago and I think it’s very fitting to post it again today… I’m wrapping up today’s birthday posts with this to say we love Freddie in all his ages and looks…cause at every stage of his life he reinvented the meaning of self, music, and life itself.

P.S. Some may say this is the growth process of Freddie the man to the legend he is now…but if you look closely you’ll see the sparkle of joy and awareness in his eyes that he always knew from the very beginning what he was gonna achieve and that he was already a legend…it’s just now the rest of the world agrees with him. Freddie Mercury revealed last week why he found Jimi Hendrix ‘attractive.’