Freddie Mercury ‘Massage’ Video With Big Name Revealed


Freddie Mercury joined Queen bandmate Roger Taylor as he got massaged in a newly surfaced video. Freddie Mercury was also filmed flirting with a surprising man. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

“Roger’s getting massaged like he’s in one of those ancient Persian bath houses…👐

Meanwhile Freddie’s fidgeting as he’s memorizing the Hungarian lyrics for “Tavaszi Szél” to perform on that night’s concert…like a BOSS.

The combination of Freddie’s perfectionist professionalism with his super adorable ensemble of yellow striped top and colorful shorts is just EPIC.

And then comes my favorite part when Freddie suddenly notices Roger being tenderized like steak meat and he gives him that WTF look and just goes down laughing. (A Freddie Mercury ‘affair’ was recently detailed)

“Sorry it’s just you being manipulated like that…with all those people around.” I am so in love with his velvety speaking voice…the way he says “manipulated” with his upper lip mannerism and those dramatic hand movements.

And there in the background even the photographers want to have a photo with our charming loveable legend…first Denis O’regan poses with Freddie & then Richard Young takes a turn putting his hand on Freddie’s shoulder…I’m not jealous at all.

P.S. Sometimes I think I couldn’t possibly love this man anymore and then I rewatch these treasures and I fall in love with him all over again…💔❤

Rooftop Terrace of InterContinental Hotel Budapest, Hungary on July 27th 1986.

Queen guitarist Brian May posted on his social media yesterday, “New York City here we come ! A little in-depth aviation here. Swipe to enjoy it vicariously in opportunistic fun 3-D … Time to put my Rock Head back on. 💥💥💥💥Time to do our bit to help Save the Planet with Global Citizen in Central Park. We have a special wham-bam set prepared. Look out !! Bri.” Freddie Mercury came out of the closet to a rock icon.