Steven Tyler Ripped By Joe Perry After Hitting Him Onstage


Aerosmith recently played in Oxon Hill, Maryland, and Steven Tyler had a tense moment with Joe Perry, as seen below on video. Tyler recently detailed his past massive cocaine use. Tyler wanted Perry to kiss him on the cheek during “Walk This Way” and Perry wasn’t interested. Tyler then hit Perry a few times by elbowing him to get his attention, this angered Perry, and he then said something to Tyler as he stopped playing guitar before walking away.

Tyler then shouted something at Perry, but quickly put a smile back on his face and resumed singing while Perry got back to shredding on guitar. A couple minutes later they appeared to make up with an uncomfortable hug. Tyler said, “Oh I get a kiss now, were you too busy? Kiss me now, give me a fucking kiss! Hard ass motherfucker right there.” An Aerosmith member recently revealed if he really beat up Steven Tyler.

Joe Perry recently told Worcester Mag about the Aerosmith ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas residency.

“Because it’s the same venue (the Park Theater in Las Vegas), we feel really comfortable on that stage in a way that you don’t when you play one-nighters,” Perry said. “We cut loose a little more, let our hair down and have a little more fun. But it’s still about putting across as much excitement as you can. Once, we start playing, it’s definitely an Aerosmith rock ‘n’ roll show. And it being a 5,000 seat venue out there, everybody’s right up close. It’s pretty intense.”